A lot of men avoid talking about his erectile dysfunction problem, even though there are several medicines like Vibramycin that have the potential to help them in curing this issue. Unless they really want to talk about it, they would never disclose about this issue to their partner. It is something that’s quite embarrassing for them and thus, a lot of women won’t even find out why their crush is not ready to date them.

Not sure why a man won’t tell you about his erectile dysfunction problem?

Firstly, he finds it uncomfortable to talk about this. If he is not sure about disclosing it to you, he would never find comfort in you. He would avoid bringing out this topic, no matter how many times you wish to talk about it or open it up in front of him.

Secondly, it is something that’s connected to his “manhood”, or so he thinks. There is a major problem in men; they often think that if they have erectile dysfunction, they are not men. Call it their dignity, egos or self-respect, their erection is their pride. If they are unable to get an erection, they find it difficult to talk about it. They feel the women, or even their very own gender people, are going to laugh at them. They don’t want to be a laughing stock for people and hence, they don’t discuss about it, even if you are their partner.

Lastly, they don’t want to lose you. If you are in love with a man and he has loved you back, immensely, and he knows his body change can lead to a major issue in his relationship with you, he would never come forward and discuss about it, no matter how hard you try.

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