First thing is wherever you do exercise; it is going to be an exercise. So, where you like to do it more, do it, don’t stop exercising. This article is an idea if you want to know which location is best for you. If you don’t feel like exercising where it is said in this article, you can carry doing your exercise wherever you like to do. Actually, a change in the scenery makes a difference in a lot of things.


People love going to the gym will bring out tons and millions of pros about exercising indoors. You can get a hold of local gym even if you are new in the town just by Google Map search on your smartphone. Google will also give you the list of the best gyms in your area. Gyms are climate controlled, so you are most likely not going to be sick by season or weather diseases. You won’t have any excuse if it is thundering outside or snowing. The equipment is good and can-do all-around workouts easily inside the gym. You are also having experts in the gyms who will guide you through your exercise regime. They will tell you the exercises you need to do as per your need and also will guide you in doing the exercises correctly so that you can get the best results out of your workouts.

If you need to do cardio, the experts will guide you to do the cardio the best way, and same with muscle building exercises. You don’t have to think or make a chart of what kind of exercise will be the best for you. Also, the experts will guide you with your diets, what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat. So, if you can maintain your dieting habit with your workouts, you are going to get results very fast, and the result is going to stay with you for a very long time.

Some gyms also have pools, saunas, and spas, and so you will have varieties of things to do in your timetable.


If you are someone who loves outdoors, you know that exercising outdoors gives you are better mental health as well as a whole-body workout. Exercising outdoors means working out on the uneven surfaces, which gives you better strength to your bones to adjust on uneven surfaces. The greenery outside is a source of boosting energy. It is the same as taking a cup of coffee. Whenever you look at green, even in a picture, it makes you feel better, it gives you feelings of positivity and makes you feel like you are alive. You get plenty of fresh air not recycled air, which is essential for your health. You get free vitamin D, and consumption of vitamin D in your body is important for strong bones and strong muscles and ligaments. And there is no better way to get vitamin D other than sunlight through our skin. Vitamin D is also another ingredient vital for mental health and fighting with cancer.

You work harder outside. Firstly, your routine has no limit, as much as you can you can work and no one would be there to stop you until you want to stop. When you are outside you, deal with a lot of external factors that you don’t have to deal while you are on a treadmill. As mentioned earlier about the uneven surface, when you are biking outdoors, there would be air coming from one direction, and when you change your direction you will find the air hitting you another direction, automatically your body will learn to deal with those things, which you will be unable to find indoors. Learning to fight wind resistance means you are working harder, and so burning more calories.

You will also find friends in an outdoor fitness park. They will be your neighbors, and some of them will always be there at the time you go for work out. They will also be a motivation for you. In gyms, you paid for every second in the gym so that you won’t make friends, will be the busy advantage of the time you stay there; whereas outdoors, you will get enough time for chatting with your friends. They might run side-by-side and also sometimes you might get motivated by looking at their progress.


Gyms are great but exercising outdoors is much smarter. Better you change your schedule, like sometimes in the gyms, maybe when the weather is bad, and other times outdoors.

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