Ayurveda treatments are treated as per the teachings of the Ayurveda. Individually each treatment is planned as per the needs of the patients, and a qualified Ayurvedic doctor should prescribe that. The treatments are also designed with special Ayurvedic diet that depends on the constitution type of the patient. Not only the diet, but several treatments will also be applied to balance the substances in the body, but inner harmony will also be promoted, and all of them together will contribute to overall well-being. Also, your mind and body will become strong enough to combat various diseases. A lot of travelers’ visits to Kerala Ayurveda Resort to get the benefits of Ayurveda treatments, and they slow down, relax and find peace of mind.

A Few Types of Ayurveda Treatments

  • Shirodhara

Oil is poured on your forehead in Shirodhara and is acknowledged by many around the world. A mixture of oil and herbs are used in this treatment, and the recipe is more than 2000 thousand years old.

  • Herbal Baths

For revitalization and relaxation, herbal baths are used, they relax body muscles. With herbs and oil, often flowers are also added. It makes a person relaxed and pure indulgence with the pleasant aroma and warmth of the water.

  • Shiroabhyanga and Shirovasti

Many Ayurveda treatments focus on the forehead. One we have seen in Shirodhara. The other two popular treatments are Shiroabhyanga and Shirobasti. Shiroabhyanga is massaging your head while you are either laying down or sitting. Shirobasti is a treatment done with oil, but the oil is prevented by a wrap to fall over your face.

  • Wraps

In Ayurvedic treatment, you are going to find various types of wraps that are made with natural ingredients. The doctor will select the wrap that would match with your type of constitution and apply to the particular parts of your body.

There are many other treatments from Ayurveda. Also, in Kerala Ayurveda Resort, you will be trained yoga technics for a better living. You will be trained under Ms. Anjali, who is the owner of Ayur Villa.

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