INVOcell is a fertility treatment system with significantly reduced costs for couples that are trying to conceive. Comparisons with other fertility treatments such as IVF have been made, but INVOcell takes advantage of something that the person already has which is their body. Thanks to this, using the system would not end up costing as much as the alternatives. 

How does the procedure go?

Since most people know treatments for fertility like IVF rely on laboratory equipment, many assume that INVOcell involves using complicated setups. The fear of couples trying to conceive is driving the costs too high because of the apparatus involved in the process. With INVOcell, there will be no need to maintain pH levels, temperature, gas concentrations, and the environment of the developing embryo. 

Fertilization through the INVOcell device already has a natural environment because it will be located in the upper vaginal cavity. There, all the requirements for pH levels and such would not have to be maintained by external equipment. 

After the first three days, the INVOcell device will be removed from that part of the body and it will be transferred to the uterus where the process of process of conception continues. The natural incubation environment is known to have benefits for the parent and child be it psychological or emotional. 

What is required to go through the treatment?

To get better results with the INVOcell device, it’s preferred, not required, to be at least under 35 years of age, have a BMI which is less than 32, be able to provide sperm with no issues and be categorized at an AMH blood level of at least 1. 

The INVOcell procedure will need sperm that can fertilize the egg without any assistance of laboratory equipment. A couple that may be having issues with abnormal sperm parameters may be redirected to traditional IVF with ICSI instead of the INVOcell system due to this specific reason. 

Most fertility specialists present INVOcell treatment as an option for couples who are trying to reduce the costs of conceiving by up to a half when they are first presented with traditional IVF. If the couple qualifies for INVOcell, there will be fewer costs involving equipment and laboratory tasks. 

It should be noted, however, that the therapy before and after the INVOcell treatment which may be required by the fertility specialist could affect the length of time and amount of money that may have to be spent. To get a better picture of what will be needed for the treatment, it’s always better to consult a fertility specialist. 

What is the success rate of INVOcell?

INVOcell transfer has a success rate of 84.9% with live birth rates of 55%. Due to the reduced cost of this system, it is considered the more accessible option for those that are trying to replace typical insemination systems. Other reasons include other procedures not working. 

That being said, INVOcell is a great tool for couples who are looking to conceive a baby but are not keen on doing the popular choices that are available right now.

INVOcell is a recently approved device that’s considered a good tool for those planning to have a baby. INVOcell is a more cost-effective treatment option available today.

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