Night eating is a good habit during pregnancy or at nursing. However, it’s an unhealthy habit to stick with. Some research shows that intermittent fasting has a lot of benefits. But for some people, even a short fast of 16 hours can be difficult to maintain. And thus, skipping the night time eating can be beneficial and may have the same results almost.  

Here are some reasons for you to call it a night early by brushing your teeth.

  • Better digestion: – According to Ayurveda, our digestive system is aligned with the sun. When the sun rises, our digestive system starts to work. And it slows down after the sun sets. Even modern science has almost agreed to it. According to Arquivos de Gastroenterologia, the digestive system is sleeping with us. When we are sleeping, that means we don’t need more fuel, and thus it slows down itself. Our body digests it better if we sit straight upright. So, eating just before laying down can cause problems to our digestion. Some researches even show that eating late can even cause acid reflux too.
  • Memory: – Memories are something essential for us. Why hamper it? Studies have proved that late night eating can cause brain problems. A study shows that if mice eat at the time of their sleep, they forget scary situations. They usually avoid this kind of situation since it knows that there could be a danger. They usually learn it from past experiences that get stored in their memory. Now if a mouse forgets a danger situation, he won’t avoid it. Researchers have found this shifted time of their eating has hampered their ability to learn too.

It’s hard to tell if human brains would react the same way mouse brains did, but it naturally raises a concern about how the shifted schedule for eating and sleeping can affect the brain.

  • Sleep: – It’s beneficial if you stop the food train a few hours before sleep. Studies over almost 400 college students revealed that eating late at night may influence absurd and bizarre dreaming. Researchers further came to a conclusion that may be bad digestion has caused those absurd and strange dreams.
  • Metabolism and weight: – According to an article in Penn Medicine News says that late night eating can cause excessive weight gain. And as if that’s not enough, late night eating can even influence the human body to metabolise more carbs and fewer lipids. Researchers also found that late night eating increases the levels of insulin, fasting glucose and triglycerides in the body. The study even shows that late night eating can affect your hormones too. During your daytime eating the hormone called ghrelin peaks earlier in the day, and leptin peaks later. This implies that eating earlier in the day is not only optimal but also helps you to avoid late night snacking.

A journal published in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that eating according to circadian rhythm is optimum for your metabolic function.

  • Late meals Vs late snacks: – There is an old saying that says “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. This means, eat the most of your daily food when your digestive system is working at its best.

Although there are plenty of reasons to stop eating at bedtime, a small snack is OK. Like having a small nutrient or low energy food before bed is good rather than having a mixed meal. Like having some veggies or a salad before bed has some excellent benefits to building muscles. A small healthy snack before bed is not as harmful as a sizeable mixed meal at night. To purchase food items online at affordable rates, use coupon codes from Dealvoucherz AU.

  • How far before bed should we stop the food train: – Well, this honestly, depends on the individuals. It depends on someone’s daily routine, schedule and level of activities. But experts say that we should stop eating at least before two hours of going to bed.
  • Identify triggers: – Late-night snacking has often nothing to do with hunger. It happens to the new generation that boredom, stress or maybe some other emotional activity triggers the craving late at night. If we can recognise the trigger, we can quickly get rid of eating late at night.
  • Satisfy your late-night craving by drinking: – NO! NO! NO! it doesn’t mean you can consume alcohol. You can try cinnamon tea or golden milk to satisfy your cravings late at night.

 Closing the kitchen at least two hours before bed can be beneficial to your health. It can cause better hormone circulation and a maintained blood sugar level. Try it. Stay healthy.

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