Very frequent is also the fear of falling under the influence and power of the hypnotist, there are even movies in which banks are robbed under the hypnotic influence of a soulless therapist.In no case this is possible, unless the hypnotized person consents or is something they really want to do, because if the hypnotist tries to inculcate a suggestion contrary to the ethical code of the hypnotized, they will directly come out of the trance and express their dissatisfaction with the expressed order.

Everyone is not able to learn to hypnotize

Another myth that people usually have is that the hypnotist must have a series of powers. Neither is true. Any normal person is able to acquire the basic notions to hypnotize another.

It is true that the hypnotist must meet a series of requirements that will facilitate their technique as it is a good dose of self-confidence and a remarkable power of persuasion. Then you must differentiate those who use hypnosis for purely recreational or commercial purposes such as hypnosis of spectacle, those who seek online terapi under a hypnotic state, for which, apart from knowing how to induce trance, resources must be available Necessary or to make a show worthy of admiration as that of any good artist, or to facilitate the person who consults for a psychological problem, put into play all their potential for recovery and get out of where you are.

Training is must

And that undoubtedly requires training in mastering the show in the first case, or in the case of therapeutic hypnosis, having been trained in psychology or psychotherapy.But the power to induce a hypnotic trance is something that supposes simply mastering a technique, and in the same way as any other discipline, it can be carried out by someone who learns the steps to follow. Without a proper training, they may manipulate your brain to damage.

There are people who cannot be hypnotized

Another myth is that there are “non-hypnotizable” people. You can say that under normal conditions practically all people are susceptible to be able to access a hypnotic state unless they have some mental that discourages them, as is the case of schizophrenia.It is true, however, that not all people have the same facility to enter into hypnosis, but contrary to what is usually believed, they are the most intellectual persons and are more likely to work with the mind, those who are more easily trance.

What about self-hypnosis?

Undoubtedly starting from the basis that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis”, no one can be hypnotized against their desire because it is enough that they do not follow the suggestions to cancel the possibility of going into a trance.However, it is true that trust in the person you are working with makes rapport much easier and therefore improves the benefits obtained from hypnosis therapy in Hypnos Stockholm so it is always advisable to be certain that the hypnotist is an honest person and with proven professional experience.

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