Oral hygiene is always something that everyone should always stay on top on. Children and teenagers usually tend to neglect oral hygiene, and even adults do too sometimes. However, it’s usually at the age of 10-18 where people get braces, which aren’t the most affordable thing. It’s important to know how to properly clean and maintain your Reston braces to make sure that your mouth and braces are clean. To help you learn more, here are tips to help you properly keep your oral hygiene up to date with braces.

Get Every Corner

Brushing your teeth three times a day actually isn’t enough, especially when you have braces. More food tends to get stuck now that you have more going on in your mouth. While flossing might not be the easiest thing to do while you are wearing braces, you should do it everyday regardless. If there are areas that are hard to reach, like under the braces and near the gumline, you could carefully use a toothpick to get stubborn bits of food out of there. Not only does this help keep your braces, teeth, and gums healthy, but it’ll keep your breath very fresh because trapped food tends to cause a lot of nasty smelling breath.

Oral Irrigation Systems

If you’re really struggling with the flossing department, you could get an oral irrigation system. It gently pushes water to flush out bits that you may have missed. However, it is important that you shouldn’t skip flossing and brushing your teeth even if you have an oral irrigation system. You should try to do all three everyday.

Brush Your Teeth

Going back to the basics, brushing your teeth three times a day is the base of keeping up with your oral hygiene. You should remove any elastics that are on your teeth before brushing, that way they don’t get in the way. Don’t forget to brush the bottom and top of the brackets to get out anything that might be lingering there. It is recommended that you use a soft toothbrush with round bristles if you have braces because it will do the best job without causing too damage.

You should also never brush your teeth too hard. Vigorously brushing your teeth can cause a lot of damage, especially to your gums. It could also cause your braces to break or get damaged. Just brush slowly and carefully in circular motions.

Avoid Foods

If you want to maintain your braces and avoid having a hard time cleaning them, then you will have to avoid some foods. Things like popcorn, taffy, caramel, ice, hard candy, and most sticky foods should be regularly avoided as much as possible. Even drinking beverages that are sugary can be bad, not necessarily for the braces but because it promotes tooth decay.

If you are going to get Reston braces or already have them, then you should make sure to take care of them as much as possible. Oral hygiene is very important and our dental health can actually impact the rest of our body. Follow the tips above to keep a happy, clean mouth with well-maintained braces.

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