You can find numerous types and methods for drug testings that are available to employers nowadays. It is vital to learn that hair testing is the least popular, but highly efficient and we can expect that more and more employers will start using it in the future.

The main reason why people neglect this particular method is due to the low level of information that they have about it. If you wish to consider it for your company or organization, you should learn everything about it as well as ways to tamper with it.

For instance, people are using Aloe Rid detox shampoo in combination with other remedies and chemicals that are available in any convenience store. Hair testing operates the same way as urinalysis in general.

The collection process includes CCF or Chain of Custody Forms as well as hair collection kit in which technicians will place the samples.

As soon as your employee signs the form due to privacy regulations, you will be able to set a date for a lab visit in which your employees will leave samples.

Most administrators will take one and a half inches of samples directly from your head, and they will choose the one closest to the skull. We are talking about size, which is similar to a pencil tip.

In case you do not have hair on your head, administrators can use body hair as well, in most cases, underarm hair.

Why Should You Use This Method Instead Of Others?

You should know that hair tests have the largest detection window when compared with other testing methods that are common among employers.

By conducting these tests, you will have approximately three months of the window, which is perfect for determining long-term abuse that may affect your company’s productivity.

Apart from the ability to check out past drug usage, hair tests are conducted under the supervision of administrator or collector, which means that you won’t be able to cheat the test by giving fake samples, which is shared with urine.

Even though there are, no specific industries that are regularly conducting this particular testing method, in the last few years, it became the most common alternative to urinalysis as the backup test.

Law enforcement and courts to present behavior of the defendant also use it in the extended period. To learn more on chain of custody drug forms that you have to sign before screening, you should check here.

Disadvantages of Hair Follicle Drug Test

One of the most significant downsides of this particular screening method is the high price tag that employers have to deal with so that they can test their employees. Since tests are expensive, only a few, large businesses can conduct it without affecting the overall budget.

Apart from the idea that it comes with an expensive price tag, you will have limited drug panel options. Most hair testing is nowadays can detect amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, barbiturates, PCP, and marijuana as well as prescription opiates.

Another common problem with this particular method is the invasive situation that requires taking samples directly from the head of your employee, which is problematic when compared with saliva and urine screenings.

Even though it is legal and regulated to conduct these tests to job candidates and employees, it is something that will not make you popular with them.

Common Myths about Hair Testing

We have mentioned above that employers are not using this particular method frequently due to numerous factors such as price tag and a limited number of drugs that you can test for. However, it also comes with certain myths that we wish to explain to you here:

  • Hair Testing Is Method With Highest Quality – When it comes to efficiency, hair testing comes with similar efficiency as saliva and urine tests. The main idea is that you will not get a better form of testing, but a method that will allow you to check long-term abuse, which is efficient in a long run, but it is not superior whatsoever. If you wish to test THC levels inside your household, you should visit this guide:

Urine and Hair Screenings Are Similar – Apart from the idea that these two methods include unique forms of collection, they also use different technologies to get results. They also have diverse measurement range for drugs, and even when you are testing for the same drug and using both methods, results may have completely different implications due to the difference in detection windows.

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