Even in the month of September, the companies who want to opt for the fundraising in India options can already feel the Christmas spirit in the air. Generally, Christmas as a festival is all about love, family, kindness, and giving. However, for the various crowdfunding platforms in India especially the NGO’s, it is also equally about thinking of and executing creative as well as effective Christmas fundraising ideas.

The different and varied kinds of Thanksgiving Fundraising in India and the associated ideas can also be very smartly modified and applied to the celebration that succeeds it. In common parlance, these two months constitute what is generally called the ‘Giving Season’ for the non-profit communities and organizations around the cities. When the holidays get nearer, people feel the encouragement to give more generously than they normally would during the rest of the year.
According to a recent survey, about 25% or more of all annual giving in many countries occurs during the last three months of the year, a time within which Christmas falls. An estimated 43% of donors who have a comparatively higher income, tend to donate more during the holidays.

This survey also says that 40 percent of all individual charitable donations are made in the month of December. Crowdfunding in India goes by a significant notch in the month of December, which is why NGOs should target this month and time with innovative strategies to gain an edge as far as the competition in the various crowdfunding platforms in India is concerned. With this in mind, the following assembles a list of done is the most favored as well as effective Christmas fundraising ideas:

  1. Matching Gifts

Christmas is often thought to be the ideal time to make sure the donors’ gifts are matched. If someone uses this Christmas fundraising idea, they can potentially increase the size of their donations by a significant margin.

Large corporations and NGOs often tend to have matching programs setups which help them go about this business effectively. This implies that they would donate the same amount of money that the company would raise on their own.

The smart move would be to contact the various known Human Resources departments of such corporations and check whether they can get a corporate partner to match donations that such small-scale organizations receive during the holidays.

It is often very unfortunate that many non-profits tend to miss out on this great opportunity of fundraising in India, so these corporations should ensure that they do not. After this, they must also ensure that the marketing efforts highlight the matching program to their supporters and donors.

  1. Gift Wrapping Party

This is an outstanding Christmas fundraising idea, especially if the NGO concerned is a local non-profit, as well as a faith-based organization, or even a school. Many people in society are known to enjoy wrapping gifts for holidays, but there are also other kinds of people who would gladly pay to have someone else do it.

This is the opportunity that these kinds of organizations should grab with both their hands, because not only will it be a great opportunity for crowdfunding in India, it would also mean community service. The several crowdfunding platforms in India have often discussed how to organize a gift wrapping party for Christmas which would have dual benefits. Some of the staple steps might be:

  1. They should arrange for several volunteers on board because the work is no small one.
  2. It would also be advisable to schedule a day which is close to the holidays, during which the people from their local community can come and get their gifts wrapped, and everyone would be benefited from it.

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