Gyms are mostly packed, going to the gym every day is like spending more time in a closed environment. Whereas outside is so lovely and full of life, more importantly, more of pure and fresh air. But if you put a little more effort, you can build up a gym to exercise outside instead of inside a gym. So, you can reciprocate any gym exercise outside, if you are not living too far away from a park. You can make the best fitness park yourself by your initiative if you are a frequent visitor of the park and know people living around the park. If everyone of that society or association of the park agrees, you can collect donations, find sponsors, and with little contributions of the neighbors you can easily set up equipment in the park, such as sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

Few benefits of exercising outside are given below:

  • Outside has a changing environment and it is continuously Exercising outdoor is more beneficial compared to a gym environment. Walking, running, or hiking on a continually evolving terrain is training you and your body to cope with the changing climate. Physically your connective tissues become stronger in a constantly changing environment.
  • While you are running or cycling on the outdoor, wind towards you hits you at a different speed. Your body slowly becomes wind resistant. Sometimes when there are strong winds, you will also burn more calories because you will have to use more energy.
  • After all who in the world doesn’t care about money? Gym fees are too high these days. Exercising outdoors will cost you nothing.
  • Exercising outdoors is an excellent way to be socialized. In these days, everyone is on smartphones, but when people go outside, do exercise in a neighborhood park, you get a chance to know your neighbors, chance to talk to many people.
  • Exercising also helps to be friendlier to your kids or grandkids. When you go out to exercise, you would want them to accompany you, so that they too have some physical activity, which is necessary for their steady growth.

Why Should You Start Workouts in Parks?

The population worldwide is increasing; there are a lot of senior citizens, and attempts are being made so that they remain healthy. For example, seniors should have more physical activities, and for that reason, “active ageing” was promoted by WHO. It is seen in studies that restriction of physical activities is one of the main reasons for health problems in seniors, but even knowing that the participation of seniors in active activities remains low.

If you also consider youngsters, you will notice that their physical activities are low and they spend most of their time playing on their mobiles or watching TVs or playing games with consoles. The should be asked to do regular workouts as regular activities are not only good for their physical well-being, but also for their mental health. Physical activities increase their blood flow in their head, and as such, they get a faster brain as more blood means more oxygen to the brain.

Gym Is Boring

Starting a gym is a huge task. People think they will start going to the gym from tomorrow, and it always remains tomorrow, as tomorrow never comes. If you already started going to the gym, after a few days, you will think let’s take a break for few days and then again will start regularly after that, and the date for starting it again never comes.

Secondly, registering at a gym is very costly. More better gyms are they will ask for more pay for registration. Moreover, there are months when you will find gyms are packed, and you won’t even get your trainer as much as you wanted, as they are busy with too many people. Last but not the least that it takes some time to drive and reach a gym.

Exercising outside has more Benefits

If you plan to start exercising on your lawn or in a park nearby your house, it is going to benefit you much more. There is outdoor fitness equipment fitted in many parks these days. If none is there, you can talk to the park committee, and everyone can contribute and collect the amount needed to buy fitness equipment. If everyone helps, the amount each one would require will be very less.

You can also meet your neighbors and have fresh, the natural air in the park, and that would make your exercise more meaningful.

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