According to an Interactive study, 10% of individuals don’t brush their teeth daily; a quarter does it only once a day. The average brushing hour is estimated at 56 seconds while it should last 2 minutes. The Union for Oral Health reveals that most country’s citizens use an average of only 2 toothbrushes and 3 tubes of toothpaste each year while it is the double that is recommended. To improve our oral health, dentists have listed the deadly sins or little-forbidden pleasures that deserve attention as they prefer to call them.

Using the Teeth as Sharp Tools

At some point, it is important to say, don’t use his teeth as a bottle opener nor to open a bag of chips with his teeth, cut the wire, tear the plastic label of a garment or crack a nut. Whenever you use your teeth this way, they may crumble, break, and weaken. But be careful, the teeth are still made to piece the food.

Drink in the Same Glass as Others

One must avoid sharing a lone glass because microbes could pass from one subject to another. Bacterial transmission is also very common between parents and their children because of bad reflexes like tasting the dishes before giving them the same spoon. These habits can amount to contamination “carious” between the parent and the child.

Keeping Quiet

The worse thing one would do is keeping the problems related to teeth private because this act will only lead to more complicating issues regarding your teeth. The need for dental services by experts is very crucial because it will help detect, reduce and treat dental issues permanently.

Succeed in his Addictions: Tobacco and Alcohol

As much as the outcome of tobacco on teeth are known, as much as those of alcohol and narcotics are much less so, yet they are devastating. It is nevertheless necessary to talk about his drinks with his dentist. It can help to overcome addiction by accompanying the weaning of dental care that encourages the patient in his approach.

Nibble between Meals and Drink Sodas

It is not only the foods eaten that promote cavities but also the rate of food intake. By eating, the mouth becomes acetic, increasing the risk of cavities. With a normal diet, long periods between meals rebalance the ph. The nibbling behavior multiplies the acidic moments conducive to cavities. For types of food, everything is allowed, but we must still be wary of the sweetest foods like sodas, a glass of water is sometimes a better decision.

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