When you have a close someone or family member involved in addiction, then you understand how serious an issue this is. Due to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health it was made found that there were more than twenty-three million people who had to undergo treatment for substance abuse. But out of the total sum, only 2.3 people went ahead and got the treatment done. The others did not come ahead and get treated.

Through the above reports we get notified that not only abuse of drugs and addiction a serious and growing issue, there are so many people who are in a state of denial too. But we understand that it is not easy. The reasons could be far more complex than one could imagine. One of the most common reasons behind it enabling addiction. This in simpler terms means that the person is accepting abuse of substance in a discreet way. This way the issue never gets resolves, rather starts to augment gradually.

In fact, enabling addiction can turn out being highly hazardous. It can not only be dangerous to the user but also those who are closely related to him or her. But you need to come forth and get started with professional help at the earliest. This can harm one mentally, physically and psychologically.

Enabling and Its Common Signs

When one does not reflect or starts to ignore the behavior of the addict: This could happen when the ones who are close to the addict starts to supervise issues that even such an issue can exist with the person involved.

  • Finds it tough to express one’s emotions

Usually enablers do not find it easy to express how and what they feel. This would be more common if the consequences they know would turn out being a negative one.

  • To prioritize the need of the addict before their own

While we all know that one would want to come ahead and help the addict, enabling can get a little too far. One might start taking care of the addict and the enabler starts to neglect their needs.

  • Fearing

It is possible that addiction may end up causing terrifying events; the enabler will try it all to avert such situations. They might also start lying to others regarding the incomprehensible behavior of the addict.

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